Storage for Dates

Chandoul is the native word used for a place for storing dates and extracting date syrup. The technique for extracting date syrup is a 200 year tradition in Kish (evidence of which was found in the remains of the historical city of Harireh) and has not been observed elsewhere in Iran. Chandoul is a room with dimensions of x m or larger for storing several hundred kilos of dates. Orientation of Chandoul had to be adjusted so that wind could not enter it since that would quickly dehydrate the dates. For this reason, Chandoul would be built in the corner of the yard and dates stored there in wicker baskets. After a while, the syrup would start seeping through the baskets. To use the syrup, they would make the store room floor impenetrable with mortar, forming the floor into ditches and mounds. These ditches were slightly sloped towards a corner of Chandoul where a cavity was formed for collecting the syrup. Thus, it was possible to collect the accumulated syrup every few days without entering Chandoul. Due to the high consumption of dates (by the family, guests, servants, and the Lenj crew), the house had two Chandoules, in one of which remains of syrup and date pits from 80 years ago are still visible.

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